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Monday, 10 October 2016

The government decided to deal strictly with those who spread chaos Oct 30

The government decided to deal strictly with those who spread chaos Oct 30
Lahore (potential has indicted Bilal Ch) Punjab PTI from I's decided to tackle the threats to close on October 30 Islamabad government strictly provincial, city power that has made strategy it will not stop. According to sources, the government is determined to stop the movement rallied strongly. The list of active leaders and activists have been demanding justice activist and leader of Punjab hymn.srgrm will appear under the MPO. According to sources, DCOs and ACP organizations will be responsible for stopping their districts night procession of the decision of the DPOs, RPOs and CCP organizations including NGOs have been targeted PC . The government has developed a formal action plan to threaten to stop Islamabad from Oct 30 (PTI) Punjab government PTI mobilize workers to stop at police stations under 16 MPO decided.
The government decided to deal strictly with those who spread chaos Oct 30the first step will be closed at the provincial and regional level, while the second district and tehsil level towns and workers and police officials .The investigators said a spokesman of the Punjab government PTI we have compiled lists of workers and officials who spread chaos will be taken against them.

Imran Khan going London to lock For Close Islamabad By Ayaz Sadiq

Lahore (IANS) National Assembly Speaker said that Pakistan Islamabad's going to London to take a lock to close, everybody knows what is happening who gathered in London, before the plot in London prepared say protesters viewed not protest the PPP and PML-n, PPP and PML-n leaders cut food waste into the prisons, the protesters did not go away by.Ayaz Sadiq said all returned to Panama Lex noise for investigating these companies said that I was sorry it was not a party in Parliament are united on the issue of Kashmir with India and he added that it has completed the project in 95% of drinking water in the summons.
Imran Khan going London to lock For Close Islamabad By Ayaz Sadiq

India will give the terrorism struggle for freedom, it is a misunderstanding, says Burhani proud of Kashmir: PM

Islamabad (IANS) Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said that if you think India can be termed terrorism struggle for freedom, it's their fault, fought for Burhani declares independence and Kashmir. proud, one can not deny them the privilege Burhan Wani said that Pakistan will continue to support the people of Jammu and Kashmir.
India will give the terrorism struggle for freedom, it is a misunderstanding, says Burhani proud of Kashmir: PM
Prime Minister, the Nawaz Sharif chaired a meeting of the Central Working Party, which took power in 2013, he said, was facing many challenges, we overcame the extent of these challenges, Prime Minister said that our agenda politics to paralyze Pakistan but it will not succeed in their efforts, they were unable in 2014 and that terrorism is very low still be able .He Aur mayst is even stronger, we have energy are where it's at work in the coal mines and has a coal-fired power plant .He said will include ten thousand megawatts of electricity to the national grid in 2018 the load kamik ml end be that most of the Basha have given Rs 100 billion for the dam land which continues to build economic corridor project land was purchased, at a cost of 46 billion to the province Nawaz Sharif .He that we are working for progress in the social sector will build a hospital in the next 18 months driven a thousand built billion cost of motorways and highways in the country .He said ben in the international market is giving subsidies to farmers because of low prices of agricultural commodities.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Politics and say mkrnyan

Our politicians make politics more than a femme is like a movie, full of brhkun success of this movie knows what lengths. This movie is not out yet, but the misplaced brhkun, color-changing chameleon statements of politicians and attention of fans of the film due to the thrill is definitely sparked their attention. The voice in my ears was torn from his semi Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, he is echoing the slogan ... 'Modi is treacherous man', or the slogan 'falling wall and push, and push a thief watchman chralyny John Asif Ali Zardari, has changed the tone of the party. The TV channels revealed striking out that they had not been told the prime minister a traitor, he is a traitor pal of Modi. Analysts are calling it a big U-turn, I saw it when I hit that Bilawal Bhutto Zardari was adopted by way of politics, eventually he stopped. He arrived on a given route Asif Ali Zardari and I'm now thinking that everything is saying, which is the main component of his father's politics who had the slogan Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, now What 'spice in their meetings, will take ".Bilawal Bhutto Zardari accepted the uncle, the Prime Minister took a U-turn and left the Narendra Modi. Obviously they will not profit from the treason shall not shout at rallies, Modi. Why the film is crap way to end the hit? Bilawal Bhutto Zardari today are saying that they can choose how treacherous prime minister say? But the truth is that they are up to say it all. I still believe that Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, who has been writing the speech, they do read. Who were shouting, they were fitted meetings. The proof is that in the recent joint meeting of parliament PPP lawmakers repeated Dude slogan of Modi, as the slogan has been formally create Ora him behind no truth, just the workers blood is an attempt summer.
 These slogans before they were binding Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif in a long preamble critical, independent of their language, Mian, Mian, exhausted says Kashmir during the election campaign. Before the corruption that was once the chief minister Shahbaz Sharif reactions to the speeches of the targets and advice from his father. But when Imran Khan said that the PPP, MQM like Minus option should
Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, MQM founder Altaf Hussain has also been granted the Certificate of Patriots and made it clear that they do not consider them traitors. Pakistan's National Assembly and the refutation against the MQM in Sindh: Altaf Benazir Bhutto has rejected them, calling them treacherous questions of a political reality of Karachi. Bilawal Bhutto Gusts cashew found excessive political reconciliation in Pakistan, he pointed to the robot. Which is something they are doing. They talk thoughtfully refused since I think before getting shouted.
Because of this habit is given nowadays Khan also under criticism, boycotts joint session of Parliament if he had the chance to bawnsrpr his political opponents bouncer. The meeting was two days sitting in the first round of the participation of Justice was called by Prime Minister APC and Shah Mehmood Qureshi of Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif appreciation for the speech at the UN Now that Imran Khan Parliament made it boycotted the meeting by saying that I believe the prime minister will not attend the meeting. Reports said that the decision to boycott the veto power use. Qureshi and other members will be interested to participate in the session, lyknamran was probably the worst feeling that everything the Prime Minister is headed by Nawaz Sharif will have to listen to his speech in the House, for boycott way when appropriate, while meeting a few days before the interview to a TV channel that he had said in clear words for the Kashmir cause, he will be required to participate in meetings. This time he had no idea it would be so if the prime minister Nawaz Sharif, speech.
The second meeting of the PML-N and PPP within the chamber between Pakistan was laid by our elected bodies exposed. There have also been serious allegations of excuses after each other and it just gets warm atmosphere and some things that were not. It also proved to be a meeting agenda even if it's so important, members seriously just this time, the prime minister in the prime minister had a meeting. If they do not present him as more than a good observer are active and are creating an environment that sit sitting, the sanctity of the Chile Solidarity House and the .. , but they have given, the importance of the meetings was blight. The oral ctkarh two minutes brought serious topic shows the mentality that we have not ceased to kill his political talk shop polishing and sensitive issues.

I stand by boycotting parliament meetings Imran Khan

Lahore (IANS) PTI Chairman Amram N Khan said that the boycott decision of Parliament because there no success with that PTI, which was not achieved in the PC attended.

Warmongering, India taken underground bunker on the LoC, army demand to covert operations 6 months

I can not hide anymore .He said that Mian Nawaz Sharif Panamanian money laundering, tax assets have not lost the moral authority of the Prime Minister hide Imran Khan said that the Prime Minister whether he duapsn following the footsteps of Cameroon presents itself for accountability or phrnuaz resign as Prime Minister of Iceland.

Mazari court as "tractor" petition against Khawaja Asif said

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) Islamabad High Court has rejected the application of PTI against Asif.
Mazari court as tractor petition against Khawaja Asif said

News from the Court of Justice Athar deleted PTI leader Shireen Mazari, the "tractor" against the request of the defense minister said during a National Assembly session. Counsel for the applicant can not argue legal points Razzaq, Shoaib.
The court remarked that parliamentary action can not be brought under discussion in court lawyer Shireen Mazari, the team Razak gave evidence that the speaker had been applied to it, but they did not against any action of the minister, however, court asked to be told that the court can intervene in cases of human rights court can intervene in matters of human rights.
To give evidence on the legal points that sources say the court has rejected the application of PTI.
The minister said while addressing the Speaker to intervene during his speech in the National Assembly that the Speaker did refer to Shireen Mazari Islamabad High Court after which the tractor to get up the trolley.

They have to kiss your boss every morning to work in the company

They have to kiss your boss every morning to work in the company
Beijing (IANS) A company in China's capital Beijing has set a shameful law for its female workers. Half of all women employed between 9 to 9 am in the company of snghayst reports are parked in a row. On one side stands up their boss, and they in turn give you a kiss, it settles down in their seats and start working.
According to the report, the company has invented a surprising explanation. Organizers say it is better to operate the office workers and the environment is pleasant. Women stand in line at the office are also criticized the workers with his boss kisses been taking photos of a scene to be established, at the Chinese social media where users boss. One user wrote that "these girls have to accept it? What that "her husband know all this?" Wrote another user, I want to ask these girls that they have no money? If you change jobs you will die from starving? "Is the third person wrote that" the boss is corrupt morally, these girls are very foolish.

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