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Apa jamlyn Bano Qudsia angels, arduadb lost great novelist

Apa jamlyn Bano Qudsia angels, arduadb lost great novelist
Lahore (Movie Reporter) 'story inn' to 'narrative' eventually all huyy.maruf writer, playwright and adybh Bano Qudsia krgyyn.uh died at the age of 88 years was suffering from heart disease over the past ten years a week were being treated at a private hospital last evening creator jamlyn true. He was director of the renowned sons left hyn.nma.tfsylat adybh Bano Qudsia 28 November 1928 was born in Ferozepur district in eastern Punjab and Lahore divisions father bdralzman form a government after the partition of the family and he died was 31 years old. Then his mother zakrh she was only 27 years old. Bano Qudsia your age I was three and a half years. The former has had one brother who died. Bano Qudsia his early education in his hometown. He was fond of writing stories since childhood and fifth grade, he began writing regularly. He was in the fifth grade will be held drama festival at their school of peers and teachers looked Bano Qudsia for this purpose, which read and write used the most in the class, ask them ' "you do dramatic things so you write the drama. Bano Qudsia has accepted the challenge and according to them, all the drama that came Urdu.

It was his first effort, the play was held entitled to the first prize in the school. After the excitement she writes short stories and plays to the tenth grade. Long a leading literary journal his first fiction, damandgy hobby, then in 1950 to encourage Ashfaq Ahmed, while they do not pay attention to the publication of their stories and MA Urdu 'Reply' "I was published with writing hua.apny Qudsia Bano says that she does not have and never asked any reform until after my marriage, and my major contributor Ashfaq Ahmad and helpful but teachers. Too many things to me. Teachers end up being just their attitude, I think they have a teacher with her husband, who I am because of Ashfaq Ahmad you see today.

Bano Qudsia from the FA Islamia College Lahore that BA Kinnaird College Lahore, which he had already been in BA exam given at the time was widespread fires 47 riots, gurdas rich King World engulfed fire . FC College to keep the papers of BA Bano Qudsia Fire River could test the riots due to open in Senator Kinnaird College. B test were given a spread of riots, Bano Qudsia gurdas district where the majority of Muslims with his family,Were satisfied that this part will be part of Pakistan, but midnight is not gurdas Pur Pakistan that was at the so Bano Qudsia had left the caravan at night to reach port with their families and often kill the caravan night were. Bano Qudsia was lost half and half convoy was killed, three trucks arrived in Pakistan, were in Bano Qudsia, saved his mother and brother, other relatives killed gyy.pakstan been reached Bano Qudsia results of BA which was successfully detected them.

In 1949 he enrolled in MA Urdu Government College in Lahore. Here Ashfaq Ahmed read the literature of the common interest, and they were classmates. Bano Qudsia Ashfaq Ahmad was married in December 1956. Both Reuters and the profound interest in literature had won two Reuters after thy.sady, a year later he was himself a literary magazine 'story teller' of ajrakya, work, magazine cover Bano Qudsia I was an artist who was a former art perfection. For four years, but the story though, I had to turn it off. Ashfaq Ahmed screenwriter on the radio, he writes plays for both radio.

"Urged the King 'was released in 1962. Ashfaq Ahmed Khan with his hands to a fresh official journal, Lille and admiring, became editor thy.tyly uyrn new country came into his Ashfaq Ahmed and Bano Qudsia be consistent with them. So ends a series of Ashfaq Ahmed and Bano was much Qudsia serial start. Invited to the TV first MD Aslam Azhar, the first program of the TV Ashfaq Ahmed. The program was introduced to the television. Ashfaq Ahmed was the first TV announcer, had a wide experience on the radio. It was made an Italian film, until the interpreter had Ashfaq Ahmed, the first TV drama 'function test' their air tha.rydyu and TV Ashfaq Ahmed and Bano Qudsia over half a century Colors are showing their character and situation. Bano Qudsia first TV drama serial

"Sdran was' tahly that, following the first series of Ashfaq Ahmed. Bano Qudsia had the experience of writing in Punjabi radio era. By 1965, he wrote radio, then TV has been very busy. Bano Qudsia has written several TV serials including long stage a 'sun burn', 'Gypsy', 'kg' and 'drink of the "dramas. The writer couple of books and countless stories, plays, TV serials and series mstrqh effort Ashfaq model of modern city 'story inn, before the creation of Pakistan in the south of their home construction hua.lahur Ahmed and Bano Qudsia are scattered memories, was determined as their creative journey, the emerging narrative impressions of the inn. Today, the story inn 'is both night and day labor Amin.

Bano said the man was taught to read and write both spouses Qudsia after the 'marriage'. Ashfaq Ahmed had been a movie under the sun 'was a flop at the box office, which was set up a week later and cinema. 'Sunshine' shadow 'had written the story Bano Qudsia, the director wrote the film's screenplay Ashfaq Ahmed. Bano Qudsia of luck in every genre including fiction, prose, novels, TV and radio dramas. Published in 1981. The novel, king vultures, the true identity of Bano Qudsia. In terms of theme, the novel is indeed an analysis of society's problems that is in accordance with Islamic tradition and those who are in the formative stages of life, death and madness, especially our youth, for them Bano Qudsia has feelings and values ​​crisis is the subject of his novel and the 'method' save 'the cause of the chaos and lack of commitment to the ethics of regression. King vultures know that studying is a good novel. King Vulture has published more than 14 editions of the novel around 27 hyn.banu Qudsia, stories and plays written, echoing the king vulture, mistletoe, next door, students of illustration, the pier and attention, are remarkable. The government of Pakistan in 2003 in recognition of literary, Imtiaz 'in 2010, was awarded the Hilal-i-Imtiaz'. In addition, he plays on TV several awards literary and cultural circles in the death of Ban Qudsia his deep shock and regret zharkya Wish hy.asfaq Ahmed and Bano Qudsia accommodation gah''dastan inn in the town. is known. Ata ul Haq Qasmi those who mourn the death of Bano Qudsia, Masood Ashar, ksurnahyd, daktrsgrasdf, amjdaslam Amjad, Amin Iqbal, Sheikh Iftikhar Iffi, aabdaly, Nadeem Baig, Rashid darsydusy Shah, Sadullah Khan, Mushtaq Ahmad Yousefi, Professor anurmsaud, daktrkursydrzuy, kaldsryf, Qasim added bhgyu, aftkaraarf, sydnur, fkrzman, Parveen Malik, Parveen Atif, Neelam Ahmed Bashir, nylmanahyddrany, Fahmida Riaz, anurmqsud, Haseena Moin and others who say Bano says Qudsia them born in the world of literature and aysakla particular writer is not possible gap huga.antqal decades

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