Sunday, 5 February 2017

The whole world will be Pakistan Kashmir resonated with chants of 'Solidarity Day rallies country, city rallies

The whole world will be Pakistan Kashmir resonated with chants
Islamabad (Pakistan Daily online) throughout the world, including Pakistan's Kashmir freedom movement martyrs tribute to India's oppressive occupation of Kashmir Solidarity Day was celebrated on the day of renewed commitment to end Kashmir. Place worldwide protests, including Pakistan occasion, been holding rallies and seminars and the atmosphere reminded of Kashmir will implement the resolutions on the liberation of Kashmir at the UN by echoing the Pakistan slogans Pakistani mission Memory also offered.

Kashmiri brethren solidarity rallies and processions were taken out from different political and religious parties to start the day in cities across Pakistan. Railways Minister Saad led the procession in Lahore, while women and children rallied in Muzaffarabad to the Burhan Wani Square.
The whole world will be Pakistan Kashmir resonated with chants

Kashmir has expressed solidarity with the routes linking Pakistan Kohala, Brar coat and made a human chain in the hands of the people of Kashmir Mangla. Pakistan and Azad Kashmir, crossroads Mangla moment of silence for one minute by playing siren 9 pm 55 minutes at 10am movement in Pakistan was silence for a minute to pay tribute to the Kashmir Martyrs .
Throughout the world, including Europe and the United States to mark Kashmir Solidarity Day in Pakistan and Kashmir where he was also present at rallies and organized protests outside the UN office kyajbkh. The Pakistani diplomatic mission on behalf of the Memory of the implementation of the resolutions to resolve the Kashmir issue at the UN Security Council and the leaders also note here. Pakistan National Assembly Secretariat also presented a resolution on behalf of the members of the Kashmir Committee.
Solidarity Day was celebrated worldwide in embassies of Pakistan Kashmir as special leave was the first time in official missions. Pakistani and Kashmiri community event was held in partnership with embassies, including the Kashmir issue was highlighted vigorously.

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